Your organization's information is a valuable asset, but unsecured it becomes a liability that can cripple your business.

"We estimate that the life expectancy of a server (connected to the internet without protection) to be less than 72 hours before being attacked. the fastest time ever for a system to be compromised was 15 minutes." - The HoneyNet Project

Things You Need to Know about Network Security

  • Your employees are your biggest risk and asset
  • There is no fool-proof method to ensure total security without completely unplugging your connection to the internet
  • Things every small business should have for a more secure network;
    1. passwords that change on a regular basis
    2. up to date anti-virus software on all machines
    3. firewall with strong traffic policies
    4. e-mail anti-virus and spam filters
    5. anti-spyware technology
You Need a Good Watchdog For over years, we have helped companies assess exposure, guard information, prevent breeches, and improve information security compliance. We partner with best-in-class vendors like Cisco which enable us to create security programs to fit the exact needs of your organization.

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