When a network doesn't keep up with the times, business suffers.
Computer and server problems can be software or hardware related or a combination of both. Computers rarely stop working overnight, and in most cases there are early warning signs that trouble is brewing.

10 Warning Signs

  1. Your computer or server is slow, freezes, or crashes
  2. You're noticing an unusual amount of pop up windows
  3. You're unsure if every computer on your network has current virus definitions
  4. You have not checked back up logs for errors
  5. Your computer starts making a grinding, clicking, or loud whirring sound
  6. The fan is constantly running
  7. Printing is inconsistent
  8. You're experiencing problems sending/receiving e-mail
  9. You aren't sure there is a firewall in place
  10. You're getting a lot of error messages
Business Benefits of Upgrading your Network
A robust network allows a business to grow, new application to be adopted, and employees to be more efficient. Don't make the mistake of taking a reactive approach to network support and maintenance instead of a proactive approach. Benefits include:

Save Money and Time
Support increased customer transactions and business processes without having to replace entire networks

Improved Communications
Employees access mission-critical resources and share information more quickly and efficiently

Increased response time
Directing traffic and utilizing bandwidth more effectively will reduce network congestion

Greater Productivity
Improved communication and better response times allow employees to work faster and more efficiently